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A variety of options for specialty packaging are available from Newcomb Spring.

Newcomb Spring offers a range of finishing services and secondary operations. From special surface finishes and assembly services to custom packaging, the company has the capability to produce custom parts from start to finish. That includes all the final touches needed to provide customers with springs and metal forms that are ready for use in any application. 


A full range of finishing operations and secondary processes are available. Some of the services Newcomb Spring provides include assembly, painting, powder coating, heat treating and stress relieving. Just a few of the options for surface finishes include grinding, anodizing, black oxide and electro-plating.

Newcomb Spring also offers several options for part identification, such as labelling, bar codes or engraving. All of the company’s processes are customizable. Newcomb Spring often works with customers to tailor its finishing operations to the specific need.

Custom packaging

Newcomb Spring offers customers a variety of specialty packaging methods. The packaging process can be completely customized to meet unique requirements, such as packaging by specific weight, quantity or by part collection.

Some of the options available for the shipping of springs and metal form parts include: in bulk, over tubes, on tacky board, on cardboard triangles, in moulded plastic trays, and packed in layers. The company can also develop a custom solution to meet virtually any requirement. 

For example, if the parts require added protection against damage during shipping, Newcomb Spring can offer reinforced packaging. In addition, the company can provide labelling that includes helpful information to make things more convenient for a customer’s shipping and receiving department. Special packaging methods that prevent corrosion are also available.

An expert in custom springs

Newcomb Spring is a family run company that has been serving the industry since 1964. For more information on its products and services, contact Newcomb Spring.


Newcomb Spring of Canada Ltd.

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