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Newcomb Spring of Canada Ltd.

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Newcomb Spring has experience creating parts for aerospace applications.

Newcomb Spring’s capabilities in design, material selection and quality control enable the company to manufacture springs and wire forms for many critical applications. The aerospace industry is one such market that demands top quality manufacturing. 

Aerospace applications can involve unique challenges ranging from harsh environments to strict tolerance requirements, and lives may depend on the performance of critical components. Newcomb Spring is able to rise to the challenge due to its versatile capabilities and years of experience. 

Quality control 

To meet the most stringent requirements for precision and reliability, Newcomb Spring utilizes an advanced quality assurance program. The company uses the latest equipment, cutting-edge manufacturing processes, and extensive testing. Newcomb Spring uses lasers, cameras, video analysis and digital comparators to perform advanced dimensional analysis and dimensional tests. In addition, Newcomb Spring can perform heat tests, load/force testing and tensile strength tests. When desired, all of the quality control and performance tests can be documented and provided to the customer.

Material selection

Thanks to Newcomb Spring’s state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, the company is able to work with practically any material. This capability is extremely important for meeting the needs of the aerospace industry. To handle the harsh environments involved with aerospace applications, Newcomb Spring offers design assistance and manufacturing of parts in specialty metals. Some examples include gold, silver, titanium, cobalt alloys, Elgiloy, Inconel, Monel and Hastelloy.

Parts for critical applications

Newcomb Spring has experience making parts that offer the precision and dependability needed for aerospace applications. Often, these projects require a limited number of unique and highly precise parts, with duplicates for replacements. The company’s specialized processes help in this regard, as they offer the highest possible levels of consistency. Some of the projects the company has completed in the past include springs and metal forms for use on NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander, the JUNO mission to Jupiter, and the MAVEN mission to Mars. 

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Newcomb Spring of Canada Ltd.

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