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Newcomb Spring of Canada Ltd.

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Newcomb Spring can make parts with the reliability and precision needed for computer applications.

When designing and manufacturing the springs and wire forms used in computer applications, it’s essential that a variety of requirements are met. Computer components must offer precision, reliability and performance. These parts are often subjected to high temperatures, repetitive use and a lack of regular maintenance, so they must be designed and built to a high standard.

Newcomb Spring has the experience to meet this need, as the company makes parts for a variety of demanding applications. Its clients come from industries ranging from aerospace and automotive, to military and medical equipment.

All types of products

Components made by Newcomb Spring are used in a wide variety of computer applications, from compression springs for laptop CD drives, to torsion springs in printer ink cartridges. The company specializes in custom manufacturing, so customers get parts that are perfectly suited to their application and requirements.

The company has the capability to offer springs, wire forms and metal stamped parts. It handles all types of projects, from prototypes and short runs to large orders. Some of the applications that use components from Newcomb Spring include drives, keyboards, printer doors, battery connections, feed rollers, laptop hinges, computer mouse devices, fusing assemblies, ink toner holding systems, paper feeders and trays, stapling and bindery systems, and cable ports and connection devices.

Manufacturing capabilities

Newcomb Spring has more than a century of manufacturing experience, and has earned a reputation for providing dependable parts. It is also known for its ability to efficiently produce parts using practically any material, as the company works with all types of standard, semi-precious and precious metals.

To ensure products meet strict tolerance requirements, the company uses highly precise manufacturing processes and quality control. It is also certified to ISO 9001:2008. 

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Newcomb Spring of Canada Ltd.

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