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Newcomb Spring of Canada Ltd.

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Newcomb Spring has extensive experience serving the agricultural industry.

The agricultural sector relies on Newcomb Spring components to offer the reliability and rugged performance that agricultural equipment requires. After all, Newcomb Spring parts are designed to handle the harsh environments and stresses of agricultural jobs.

Newcomb Spring's custom design and manufacturing capabilities allow it to make components that are perfectly suited to each customer’s requirements, whether they’re for use in applicators, augers, balers, conveyors, harvesters, irrigation, tillers, tractors, vehicle suspensions or wind turbines.

Newcomb Spring can produce parts from a broad range of material sizes. This allows it to handle diverse applications. That includes creating everything from small stampings for irrigation timers to large compression springs for shock-absorption on a 550-horsepower tractor. No matter what requirements may be involved, Newcomb Spring can manufacture the ideal springs, wire forms and stamped metal parts.

Material selection

Agricultural applications often require unique materials to stand up to demanding and dynamic operating environments. To meet this need, Newcomb Spring can produce parts in a practically unlimited variety of materials. That includes standard, precious and semi-precious metals. 

When customers need help determining the best material choice for their application, Newcomb Spring’s design engineers can offer assistance.


Newcomb Spring has a thorough understanding of the unique needs involved with agricultural applications. The company has more than 100 years of experience manufacturing parts for farm equipment. As a result, its parts can be designed to handle virtually any job, no matter how dirty the operation, how extreme the temperatures or how high the pressure loads. 

The company can also perform a range of secondary operations to enhance part performance and lifespan. Available services include heat treatments, shot peening, stress relieving and powder coating. 

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Newcomb Spring of Canada Ltd.

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