REDwire New vision system enables easy and precise product inspection

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The new CV-X Series Intuitive Vision System from Keyence enables anyone to create complex images in just three easy steps.

In the past, machine vision systems required precise lighting and specialized image creation skills to properly inspect products. But thanks to Keyence and its new vision system, special skills and specific conditions are no longer needed. Its CV-X Series Intuitive Vision System combines power with simplicity, enabling anyone to create complex images in just three simple steps.

Easy to use

The CV-X Series offers many features that enable quick, easy and accurate inspection. For example, it features LumiTrax, which integrates high-speed cameras with intelligent, directional lighting and an advanced image processing algorithm for easy 3D inspection and glare reduction. This technology lights a target from different directions to create multiple shape images of the target for 3D inspection applications or texture images for glare reduction.

Another feature, the Auto-Teach Inspection Tool, enables the system to learn what a good part is. It learns individual differences in good parts to determine an acceptable range of variability, and recognizes parts that differ from this range as defective. Programming is performed by simply running good parts, eliminating the need for highly experienced vision integrators.

Thanks to these features, the optimal image can be created in just three simple steps. First, select an inspection type. Then, select the image with the sharpest features. Finally, select the optimal contrast.

Handles difficult applications

Not only is the system easy to use, but it can handle even the most complex applications. For example, it can easily detect chips on metal surfaces because its integrated lighting and high-speed cameras enable it to see beyond factors such as remaining cleaning agent, dirt and minor hairline fractures. It is also able to detect printing defects on surfaces with complex printed backgrounds, and can inspect embossed characters on resin surfaces, even when the background or the object is the same colour.

For more details on the CV-X Series vision system, and how it can tackle the manufacturing industry’s most challenging inspections, contact Keyence.


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