REDwire New valves from Festo offer two-way convertibility

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Festo’s VSNC series of solenoid NAMUR valves converts from a 5/2-way valve into a 3/2-way valve by turning its seal 180 degrees.

Festo’s new VSNC series of standard solenoid NAMUR valves is two valves in one. It converts easily and quickly from a 5/2-way valve into a 3/2-way valve by simply turning its seal 180 degrees, making it well-suited for use with a single-acting or a double-acting pneumatic actuator, as well as a wide range of process applications. 

In 3/2-way mode, exhaust air is fed via the seal into the spring chamber of the actuator. This protects the chamber from contaminated ambient air and guarantees a longer service life for the actuator. 

The VSNC’s distinguishing features include a modern design, great durability proven by exhaustive testing, as well as an attractive price/performance ratio. This new valve series is well-suited for applications involving the mixing or fermentation of liquids, bulk materials and gases. It can be combined with process valves in many fields, such as water management as well as the production of chemicals or pharmaceuticals. The VSNC product range also includes solenoid options certified to NEC 500 for Class 1, Div. 1 and 2, made especially for explosive environments. Like any magnetic valve, the VSNC consists of a main valve and coil, each of which can be ordered separately, or as a complete unit using the Festo configurator. 

Festo is a global leader in automation technology, and the world market leader in industrial training and education. Its pneumatic and electric drive technology stands for innovation in industrial and process automation — from individual products to ready-to-install solutions. Festo’s hallmarks include a global presence and improving customer productivity through close, long-term partnerships. With 16,700 employees worldwide in 61 national companies, Festo’s turnover for 2013 was 2.28 billion Euros. In 2015, the company will celebrate the 90th anniversary of its founding, and the 40th anniversary of the opening of Festo Canada.


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