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The Airmix spray gun and tips are available from Exel North America.

The Airmix spray gun, available from Exel, is an extremely efficient spray gun with the capability to serve a wide range of applications. But in order to maintain the gun’s efficiency, the Airmix system requires maintenance. More specifically, the regular replacement of worn spray tips with new Exel Airmix tips is a must to keep the system running at its best. 

The truth about tips

Depending on the material being sprayed, Airmix tips can handle about 800 gallons of paint before needing to be replaced. Using the same tips beyond this level begins to affect the amount of paint being consumed, the quality of the finish and, as a result, the system’s productivity. By simply replacing the tips, the system can continue to be a productive piece of the overall operation.

Case in point

An existing customer uses a twin vertical finishing line with 12 ATX Airmix guns on each line for an automatic drum painting application. Exel suggested that the customer change its tips every three months, but the company said that it would control its own system, and replace the tips as needed. Fast forward to 18 months later, and the plant manager reached out to Exel convinced there was something wrong with the system because it was no longer efficient. In his words, the system offered “very poor paint mileage”. 

When asked if he had changed the spray tips since installation, the customer said that was not the problem, but agreed to change the tips anyways. The difference was noticed immediately.

Huge payback

Simply by changing the Airmix tips, the customer experienced more than $640 of paint savings per day. The company went from painting 16.7 drums per gallon to 21.3 drums per gallon. As a result, the drum company changed its purchasing plans from an “as needed” basis to an automatic blanket purchase order to change the tips every three months. These added tip purchases are paid for in less than four days when compared to the company’s previous practices. 

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