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To address manufacturing hazards, CSA Group has published new editions of several important standards.

The manufacturing industry is both diverse and complex, consisting of a wide variety of workplaces — from food and beverage to textiles and chemicals. The sheer size and diversity of this industrial sector brings with it a wide variety of potentially serious workplace hazards. Many of these are machine hazards, including improper guarding and lockout, as well as hazards associated with moving parts, steel storage racks and industrial robots.

To address these manufacturing hazards and help protect workers, CSA Group has published new editions of several important standards, and offers training to support these standards.

Safeguarding of machinery

CSA Z432 - Safeguarding of Machinery specifies requirements for the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, operation and safeguarding of industrial equipment to prevent injuries and accidents, and enhance the safety of personnel who operate, assemble and maintain machinery.

Industrial robots

CAN/CSA - Z434 Industrial Robots and Robot Systems is a voluntary standard that applies to the manufacture, remanufacture, rebuild, installation, safeguarding, maintenance and repair, testing and startup, and personnel training requirements for industrial robots and robot systems.

Steel storage racks

CSA Group offers a one-day course that provides participants with an introduction to the inspection and maintenance sections of the CSA User Guide for Steel Storage Racks.  

Lockout – Control of hazardous energy

Z460 - Control of Hazardous Energy - Lockout and Other Methods specifies requirements and performance objectives for procedures, techniques, designs and methods to protect workers from injury due to the inadvertent release of hazardous energy. Training is also available. CSA Group offers a one-day course that provides a comprehensive review of lockout safety that can help organizations meet the criteria set by legislation.  

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