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Digital Measurement Metrology Inc (DMM)

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Shimana SHXWDS243 series digital crane scales are an economical solution for general purpose weighing.

Shimana SHXWDS243 series digital crane scales are an economical solution for general purpose weighing. Available from Digital Measurement Metrology (DMM), these scales are loaded with simple functionality to ensure speed and accuracy.

Robust and durable

The SHXWDS243 series features a rugged, ergonomic die-cast construction, which makes it ideal for use in demanding applications where heat, cold, moisture or dirt are involved.

Bright LED display

A large, bright LED display makes viewing from a distance easy, and offers a wider viewing angle.


There are several critical buttons on the scale that provide best-in-class functionality. 

  • A “Hold” button on the Shimana digital crane scale allows users to "freeze" the results with a single touch. This is ideal for applications where the weight is unstable. 
  • The “Tare” button allows users to reset the displayed weight on the scale back to zero. 
  • The “Zero” function allows users to easily reset the scale to zero when there is no item on the scale, or when they need to add different weights to the same weighting operation.

Overload protection

Users can safely and conveniently eliminate guesswork and risks associated with lifting unknown loads up to 100 per cent full scale.

Rechargeable batteries

A built-in rechargeable battery allows the scale to run for up to 150 hours. The AC wall charger offers fast and efficient charging while the digital crane is off.

The SHXWDS243 series is available in two models — a 500-kg capacity version and a 1,000-kg capacity version. DMM carries both models, and is able to issue ISO 179025 accredited certificates of calibration for them. 

To learn more, contact Digital Measurement Metrology.


Digital Measurement Metrology Inc (DMM)

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