REDwire New PushPull variants address space-saving demands for train communication

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Harting has developed new versions of the M12 PushPull variants.

Harting’s newest solution addresses a growing need in the railway and rail transport markets — communication components with a space-saving design. The company’s new M12 PushPull solutions feature the small footprint and reliable performance that this sector demands.

The need

Today, trains are being equipped with more modern and complex information technology systems comprised of communication components. More systems, which need to be wired, are housed in the locomotives and carriages than ever before. In addition, data volumes are rising as a result of in-house technology, while information systems and entertainment media for travellers is also growing.

The solution

Harting has developed new versions of the M12 PushPull variants in an effort to meet these growing requirements. Until now, the M12 PushPull was only offered in a straight version with A, D and X coding, with only the male versions available on the market. The company has now rounded out this connector solution with new housing shapes and female versions.

In keeping with these additions, there is also a device-side flange socket. Like all new Harting M12 flange sockets, it is suitable for the M12 PushPull, but offers the additional benefit of reverse compatibility with the tried and true screw locking.

To alleviate the tight conditions aboard trains where space is at a premium, all M12 PushPull codings are available in an angled housing form. In addition, the side cable exit design reduces the distance from the housing door to any switches.

The company

Harting is a family owned company that offers robust, reliable connectivity solutions to almost all industrial markets. The company is based in Germany, with subsidiaries and branch offices in 40 countries, including a Canadian office in Dorval, Que.

To learn more, contact Harting Canada.


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