REDwire New pressure sensors a versatile, economical choice

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SPAU and SPAN pressure sensors are low cost and easy to install.

Festo’s next generation SPAU and SPAN pressure sensors offer customers excellent functionality and versatility, in addition to fast, easy installation and commissioning. These economical additions to the Festo range of sensors are designed to simplify choice and reduce complexity for engineers in factory and process automation applications.

About SPAU

SPAU is Festo’s new flagship machine and cell level pressure sensor. Ideal for network monitoring, regulator monitoring, vacuum, air pressure testing and object detection, the SPAU sensor is freely programmable and comes with either protection class IP65 or IP67. It can be employed with six possible electrical connections, including plug, four-pin, M8 and M12, as well as nine possible pneumatic connections. SPAU covers more applications with a smaller number of variants than earlier models, so customers can stock fewer part numbers for inventory savings. Fewer variants also mean SPAU costs less to manufacture, so customers benefit from a lower list price. Various options are available, including 13 pressure ranges and five ways of mounting the unit. Its versatility is further enhanced by the unit’s switchable electrical outputs: PNP, NPN, normally closed, normally open digital outputs, as well as current and voltage analog outputs.

About SPAN

SPAN is a new, compact, low-cost sensor in a 30 millimetre by 30 millimetre footprint. Ideal for such applications as supply pressure monitoring, vacuum monitoring, leak testing and object detection, SPAN shares the same intuitive menu guidance used in SPAU, and is available with or without a built-in visual display. The display version features a clear, high-contrast, two-colour, back-lit LCD, allowing users to easily monitor their systems. SPAN is also easy to maintain with IP40 certified protection against outside ingress.

Additional details

The IO-Link functionality makes SPAN and SPAU fast and easy to set up and commission, and also enables remote maintenance and parameterization. To learn more, contact Festo Canada.


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