REDwire New models of Filtermist mist eliminators exceed machine shop's expectations

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The latest Filtermist models offer a more compact design.

Filtermist oil mist eliminators have been continually refined and enhanced since they were first released in 1969. One company that can attest to these improvements is a U.K.-based grinding and machine shop, Multigrind Services Ltd. The company recently added a new oil mist filter to its operation to complement its existing Filtermist unit that is approximately 20 years old.

According to the machine shop’s managing director, Steve Worsdall, the old Filtermist unit is still running like new, but the company needed additional mist removal capacity. The main goal was to create a better work environment from a health and safety perspective. Worsdall says the new unit exceeded his expectations.

"The new Filtermist FX7000 collector has made a significant difference. The old filter unit is still running perfectly after all this time, but the capacity of the new model is astounding. It has completely transformed the workshop."

The company uses a variety of equipment, including traditional machines and CNC machines. Its largest centreless grinder is a Cincinnati 3EA. This machine creates a significant amount of heat, which vaporizes coolant. In addition, the machine is open-sided, allowing the mist to go airborne and fog up the workshop. 

In applications such as this, a fishtail hood is used to capture oil mist close to the grinding wheel. Filtermist oil mist eliminators use centrifugal impaction technology to collect oil mist. The units expel clean air into the atmosphere and return the oil to the machine reservoir. 

This is just one of many examples that demonstrate the effectiveness of Filtermist oil mist eliminators. The brand’s latest models, the S and FX Series, offer a reduced size and weight, better airflow and efficiency, and split casings for easy access, when compared to previous models. 

AMT Machine Tools is the ideal source for Filtermist units and accessories in Canada. The Toronto-based company has been supplying Filtermist products for more than 35 years.


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