REDwire New manual airless spray gun offers ease of use and high-quality results

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The new SFlow Airless spray gun is ergonomically designed for comfort.

SAMES KREMLIN is a leading manufacturer of paint application equipment, known for the high-quality spray guns and pumps it carries. The company’s new SFlow 275 and 450 Manual Airless Spray Guns, now available to the North American market, are no exception.  

Designed for ease of use

The new SFlow Airless spray gun is ergonomically designed for comfort, and is very simple to use, making working conditions easier for painters dealing with difficult and long days of spray painting. The lightweight gun, which tips the scales at only 590 grams (1.3 pounds), is designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

In addition, the SFlow comes with a swivel fitting on the handle and an ultra-light, two- or four-finger trigger. This design helps prevent repetitive strain injuries, even when working with high operating pressures.

The filter can also be changed easily and quickly.

Designed for quality and reliability

The SFlow spray gun uses the highest quality components to ensure a long-lasting, reliable and repeatable performance. It comes with an extensive range of tips — 64 Tip Top reversible tips, 82 flat tips and 36 SKILL double-insert tips (coming soon) — so it can deliver a high-quality, even coat. The unit has a transfer efficiency of 81 per cent, enabling it to help improve the user’s productivity, as well as reduce VOCs, maintenance, energy and material costs. 

Additional details

A large range of spray gun configurations and “Ready-To-Spray” packages are available to meet application requirements in many markets, including the construction, general industrial and transportation industries.

SFlow Airless spray guns and a wide selection of other high-quality finishing solutions are available in Canada from SAMES KREMLIN (formerly Exel North America). Kremlin Rexson and Sames recently merged to create one global organization.

For more information, contact SAMES KREMLIN.



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