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Jewell’s AMA and DMA Series accelerometers, as well as its AMI and DMI Series inclinometers, are suitable for a variety of applications.

Durham Instruments carries a wide selection of products from Jewell Instruments. New additions to Durham’s lineup include Jewell’s AMA and DMA Series accelerometers, as well as its AMI and DMI Series inclinometers. These instruments are rich with features for a variety of industries and applications, ensuring customers get the most appropriate solution for their needs. 

AMA and DMA Series

Designed for low power, high sensitivity and high, long-term stability, AMA Series Analog Accelerometers and DMA Series Digital Accelerometers are based on silicon micro-machined MEMS capacitive accelerometer technology. Both analog and digital models feature single, dual and triaxial configuration, a two-metre cable whip, and a rugged construction, which allows them to operate in harsh environments. Suitable applications include robotics, vehicle testing, tower cranes, low frequency vibration measurement and more. 

AMI and DMI Series 

The AMI Series Analog MEMS Inclinometer and the DMI Series Digital MEMS Inclinometer offer high precision, high shock and vibration tolerance, and built-in thermal compensation. Standard units for AMI models come with 0-5V, 0.5-4.5V or 4- 20mA output options, while DMI standard units come with RS232, RS422, RS485 or TTL output options. Custom ranges and outputs for both types are available upon request. All AMI and DMI Series inclinometers are rated IP67 for waterproofing up to one metre. Both single- and dual-axis models are available with a two-metre cable whip (AMI) or a one-metre cable whip (DMI). With the ability to operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 85 degrees C, both models are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including geotechnical monitoring, antenna position control, drill rig alignment, radar and vehicle platform levelling, railway track alignment and maintenance, offshore/subsea platform pitch and roll, and industrial measurement and control.

A leading distributor

These lines are available in Canada from Durham Instruments, a distributor of high-quality electronic instrumentation and data acquisition and control systems. To learn more about the AMI, DMI, AMA or DMA Series, contact Durham Instruments


Durham Instruments

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