REDwire New IP67 bulkhead housing from Harting offers more protection

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The Han IP67 housing’s protection allows for temporary, full immersion in water.

Harting, a leader in the manufacture of intelligent and high-performance connection technology, has unveiled an alternative to an IP65-rated connector — the new Han B IP67 bulkhead mounted housing. 

As the name implies, the new housing provides IP66 and IP67 protection, and does it for virtually the same price as a comparable IP65-rated connector, the company says. 

What is the difference between the two technologies? As the company explains, “in the locked state, the Han IP67 housing’s protection allows for temporary, full immersion in water, as compared with the IP65-rated housing, which is only hose proof.”

This is possible because the Han IP67’s special flange protects the gasket seal, preventing water from penetrating the connector. The circumferential collar also prevents the seal from sliding inwards or outwards, while seal stability provides additional protection against water ingress. 

As part of the Han family, the IP67 bulkhead mounted housing uses the proven Han-Easy Lock locking system for high contact pressure. In fact, the Han B IP67 bulkhead housing is compatible with all standard Han hoods and housings, and can be configured with any Han insert or module, including the more than 50 inserts in the Han-Modular series. 

Available in sizes 6B, 10B, 16B and 24B that fit the same standard cut-out dimensions for the existing Han housing portfolio, the IP67 housing is ideal for applications in extreme conditions like wind turbines, construction cranes, railway and marine installations. However, those aren’t the only applications that benefit from the high-quality housing. Harting also recommends it for many other applications. 

“Since the cost difference between the Han IP67 and comparable IP65 bulkhead housings is minimal or non-existent, there is no downside in having more protection than the situation calls for rather than too little,” the company says. 

The Harting Technology Group has more than 4,000 employees worldwide, with subsidiaries and branch offices in 40 countries — including a Canadian office in Saint-Laurent, Que. The company’s portfolio of connectivity solutions focuses on multiple levels, from the machine to the device and into the communication infrastructure. 

For more information on the new Han B IP67 bulkhead mounted housing or any of its other offerings, contact Harting


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