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The new edition of the ANSI/CSA-B149.6 standard covers requirements for digester gas systems for renewable energy.

Digester and landfill gases are widely used as fuel to produce electricity, drive pumps and fire boilers. The migration of these gasses into buildings and other confined areas can pose the risk of explosion or asphyxiation, so it’s crucial to understand the corresponding safety requirements.

The first edition of the bi-national ANSI/CSA-B149.6 - Code for Digester Gas, Landfill Gas, and Biogas Generation and Utilization, developed to help address these risks, is now available from CSA Group. The new standard is built on the 2010 edition of CSA B149.6, and features a revised title to better reflect the newly added section covering requirements for digester gas systems for renewable energy. Key changes to the standard’s scope, definitions and updated requirements make this new edition a key resource for workers who deal with the gasses across Canada and the United States.

ANSI/CSA-B149.6 applies to the operation and maintenance of digester gas and landfill gas systems, and covers requirements for the production, handling, storage and utilization of these gasses in newly constructed wastewater treatment plants and landfill sites. The code also applies to additions and upgrades of existing systems.

Key changes to the new edition include:

  • Greater emphasis on emergency pressure relief to help improve reliability and reduce risk.
  • New clauses for membrane gas holders for digester gas, which bring the standard in line with international best practices and help improve worker safety.
  • Updated requirements to reference and comply with Canadian and U.S. standards on underground piping, piping design and hazardous areas.
  • Updated annexes that feature more detailed information on controls for boilers, waste gas burners, engines and incinerators, making it easier for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) to adopt.
  • Greater clarification on inspection points and revised installation requirements for specific types of appliances and equipment. 
  • Expanded clauses for valves, regulators and manometers.

ANSI/CSA B149.6 is now available in hard copy and PDF formats, and is published in both English and French. 

To learn more about ANSI/CSA B149.6, visit CSA Group’s website.


CSA Group

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