REDwire New Festo servo press kits an efficient choice for low-pressure applications

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Festo’s YJKP servo press kit is optimized for press-fitting jobs up to 17 kN.

In its ongoing effort to help customers remain energy- and cost-efficient, Festo has launched a new, compact YJKP servo press kit. This unit is optimized for press-fitting jobs up to 17 kN, addressing a fundamental cost issue in electronics and small parts manufacturing.

The issue

Larger press kits use as little as 10 per cent of their power to apply little pressure, which is wasteful and inefficient. YJKP units are physically smaller, run on less electricity, and have a smaller investment cost. That makes them an ideal fit in applications such as press-fitting printed circuit boards into housings, inserting precision parts in clock mechanisms, sealing module housings, or press-fitting and testing seals.

The details

Each YJKP comes pre-assembled with modular operating software and Festo components, including an electric spindle drive, motor, motor controller, process controller and force sensor. The unit is configurable, easy to use and simple to assemble, so it can be easily adapted to the requirements of the application. Users can choose between a force range of 0.8 to 17 kN, a stroke length of 100 to 400 millimetres, axial or parallel attachment of the motor, and a single- or multi-turn encoder.

The operating software is pre-installed in the controller, and is ready for use as soon as system integration is complete. The modular software offers a range of application-specific functions, and can be displayed on any platform, on a PC, tablet or any other type of HMI.

The software

Festo has made monitoring the process simple thanks to YJKP’s software, which has the capability to check and track all steps for quality assurance. The three current evaluation and control procedures for the envelope curve, threshold value and windowing are already integrated in the software. In addition, the innovative YJKP has a number of smart pre-configured functions and an OPC-UA interface that is compatible with Industry 4.0.

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