REDwire New electrostatic manual spray gun offers high performance and productivity

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The NANOGUN-MX spray gun from SAMES KREMLIN features a lightweight, ergonomic design.

The new NANOGUN-MX Airmix spray gun from SAMES KREMLIN combines electrostatic spray technology for liquid paints with Airmix medium- to high-pressure spray technology. The result: a high-quality solution that meets the demanding needs of the aerospace, agriculture, metallic construction, furniture, transportation and energy industries, as well as many other markets that require high levels of productivity.

Key features and advantages

The NANOGUN-MX spray gun features a lightweight, ergonomic design that delivers an excellent electrostatic wraparound effect that improves the overall operator experience. Ideal for products with low to high resistivity, as well as paints with an average viscosity, this spray gun delivers a uniform film build thickness on the parts being sprayed, and allows users to achieve the highest transfer efficiency in the marketplace. This contributes to a very quick return on investment, improved productivity and maintenance costs, and reduced VOCs.

The unit’s innovative GNM 6080 control module is user-friendly and easy to maintain, with high-quality components and advanced corrective and preventive maintenance reminders. The gun also features a single setting knob with adjustable flat spray, which provides great versatility and a higher transfer rate with excellent finish quality.

The NANOGUN-MX spray gun is available in two pressure versions: 120 and 200 bar. 

An industry leader

SAMES KREMLIN is a leading manufacturer of paint application equipment, including spray guns and pumps. The products it produces are known for their quality, reliability and ergonomic design.

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