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Durham Instruments carries the latest generation of catmanAP data acquisition software from HBM.

Durham Instruments carries the latest generation of data acquisition software from HBM — catmanAP. The software gives users the power to measure and evaluate data professionally, and easily, without having to get acquainted with complex software. In addition, it bundles highly efficient modules for many different measurement tasks, each module dedicated to a specific field of application. The combination provides a flexible, powerful and networked high-performance package, with an intuitive user interface, that supports measurement tasks.

Some of the key features of the software include:

  • Mathematical evaluation of data: Many measurement tasks require data analysis based on mathematical methods. The EasyMath add-on module performs many different mathematical analyses, which can be easily printed out, visualized and exported.
  • Automated measurement: The AutoSequence add-on module automates repetitive measurement or analysis steps by putting functional blocks into sequence. This can save a lot of time for the user, particularly with periodic measurements involving unvarying analysis steps or with the automation of functionality tests.
  • Script creation: The EasyScript add-on module allows the user to create their own scripts for individual measurement tasks and integrate the new functions into the software. EasyScript, based on the established Microsoft VBA standard, is reliable — even offline.
  • Autonomous data recording: The EasyLog add-on module autonomously records measurement data on a PC card or hard disk, in combination with MGCplus amplifiers. This enables reliable data acquisition in mobile testing applications. 
  • Offline parameterization: The EasyPlan add-on module for offline parameterization enables users to easily configure the amplifier in advance without the need for connection to a PC.

In addition, the software features new graph types to enhance graphical data analysis and logging, and enables control of video recordings in parallel with measurement. 

These are just some of the features of the catmanAP data acquisition and analysis software. To learn more, contact Durham Instruments


Durham Instruments

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