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Clippard's NR Series 2-Way Pinch Valves are available from Wainbee.

As a leading distributor of industrial products across Canada, Wainbee offers solutions from top manufacturers. Clippard is among them. Many of the company’s pneumatic and electronic control devices are available from Wainbee, including its new NR Series 2-Way Pinch Valves.

Valve details

In applications where fluid must be isolated from the valve parts, pinch valves are used to open and close the tubing to control flow. Clippard NR Series Pinch Valves are CE and RoHS Compliant, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. They are available in two-way normally open and two-way normally closed models, with single tubes that can easily be changed. These valves can be used to control the flow of air, water, gas and compatible fluids, whether whole or particulate matter. They feature a compact design, low power consumption (only one to 7.2 watts), a maximum pressure range of 20 to 30 psig, and a response time of five to 25 milliseconds. Plus, they are highly hygienic and simple to clean. The result of these features is a high cycle life. 

Valve selection tips

Wainbee wants to ensure its customers select the most appropriate valve for their applications. While the company is always available to help out and answer questions, the product brochure offers a quick and easy guide on proper selection. The first step is to choose the required tubing size, considering both inside and outside diameter, as well as the size of the tubing wall. Next, choose the flow configuration, either normally open or normally closed. Lastly, select the voltage (12 VDC or 24 VDC).

More Clippard products available

In addition to the new NR Series 2-Way Pinch Valves, Wainbee offers a range of other products from Clippard. Its selection includes a lineup of pneumatic cylinders, control valves, electronic/solenoid valves and modular valves, as well as fittings and hoses. 

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