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Sicomet features three clear, ethyl-grade instant adhesives that provide excellent bond strength.

Adheco has been providing quality adhesives, pressure sensitive tapes and abrasives to the industrial market for more than 30 years. Its suppliers are leading manufacturers well known for their world-class products — companies like Henkel. 

Henkel recently released a new line of low-priced, general-purpose instant adhesives, which are now available through Adheco. 

A versatile adhesive

The line, called Sicomet, features three clear, ethyl-grade instant adhesives that provide excellent bond strength on such materials as plastics, elastomers, metals and composites. The adhesives are available in low and medium viscosity versions, as well as a gel formula. Three options offer versatility to customers, allowing them to be used for a wide variety of applications, from costume jewelry and furniture, to sporting goods, construction components and more. 

All three options bond to surfaces in just five seconds, and can operate in temperature ranges from -40 to 100 degrees C. While they all have the ability to adhere to plastics, rubbers and metals, the gel is well suited for porous and acidic surfaces. For use with plastics, however, all three would need to be used in combination with primer for polyolefins.

Value and quality

The new instant adhesives meet Henkel’s high standards for quality, at a low price. 

Known for its high-quality products, Henkel is a global leader in adhesive technologies, backed by nearly 140 years of success. It’s just the type of company Adheco likes to work with — one that is reliable and supplies quality products every time.

Adheco works hard to maintain excellent relationships with its world-class suppliers, so that it can ensure customers will receive unquestionable support at all times. Its team of experts includes individuals with years of industrial experience and high levels of technical knowledge. Thanks to this team, the company is able to work with customers and provide solutions to technical problems.

It’s that extra value, along with its wide selection of quality products, that keeps customers coming back.

To learn more about Sicomet adhesives or any of the other products it carries, contact Adheco.


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