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With three options now in the Permabond 3D Series, 3D print engineers can find the ideal solution that meets the exact needs of each application.

Permabond has expanded its line of 3D print infiltrants to meet the growing needs of 3D print engineers. Its newest additions offer a faster cure and two different options for surface finish, while offering the same key advantages as the company’s original formula.

Meet the family

The original Permabond 3D90 has a delayed cure for maximum penetration and ultimate part strength, with an ultra low viscosity of four cPs. It is ideal for use on light-coloured models where a matte surface finish is desired. 

Permabond 3D10 is one of the new infiltrants joining the family. It offers a fast cure, good penetration, and a low viscosity of 10-20 cPs. In addition, it produces a shiny surface designed to enhance the colour vibrancy of the part it’s used on. 

The second new addition, Permabond 3D30, provides an ultra fast cure and a crystal clear high gloss finish with brilliant colour vibrancy. It has a medium low viscosity of 90-110 cPs.

The key advantages

The Permabond family of 3D print infiltrants offer many benefits to users. 

  • Easy to use: Each model is a single component, which means there is no mixing or curing equipment required. They are easy to apply, either as an on-the-spot coating or in a dip bath.
  • Low odour: The infiltrants feature a low odour, solvent-free formulation, allowing maximum worker comfort with no harsh smells, which helps to minimize workplace hazards. 
  • Strong: When applied, they fill porosities and strengthen fragile 3D granular printed parts.
  • Versatile: These 3D print infiltrants are suitable for use on simple or complex, small or large parts, and allow the parts to be bonded, sanded or painted after infiltration. In addition, their clear, colourless appearance and tack-free finish makes them suitable for a wide range of 3D parts.  

More information

With three options now in the Permabond 3D Series, 3D print engineers can find the ideal solution that meets the exact needs of each application, strengthening the brand’s position as the preferred choice for toughening and sealing 3D printed models.

Permabond 3D90, 3D10 and 3D30 are available in Canada from Adheco, a leading provider of adhesive technologies. Adheco recently moved to a new location at 50 Ironside Crescent, Unit 6, in Scarborough, Ont.

To learn more about the Permabond 3D Series, contact Adheco


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