REDwire Near infrared analyzer a fast and cost-efficient way to analyze meat products

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The InfraLab Meat Analyzer is available from Firing Industries.

Firing Industries is proud to carry an innovative product from NDC Technologies: the InfraLab Meat Analyzer. This near infrared (NIR) analyzer is designed as an alternative approach to measuring fat, protein and moisture in meat, giving users accurate results in five to 10 seconds.

How it works

The InfraLab Meat Analyzer makes meat analysis fast and simple with its “at-line” measurement method. A sample is simply removed from the production line, homogenized and analyzed for moisture, collagen, protein and fat content. This measurement happens right beside the production line, and it happens quickly, eliminating the need for traditional laboratory methods, as well as the longer waits and high costs associated with that approach.

Key features and advantages

There are many benefits to using the InfraLab Meat Analyzer and its at-line approach.

  • It is easy to use, thanks to its user-friendly, colour touchscreen with multilingual interface.
  • It is accurate, offering unrivaled quality assurance.
  • It has improved batch consistency, reducing lean giveaway.
  • If offers improved traceability thanks to its InfraLab Manager PC Software for data management.
  • It features a USB port for data download to memory stick, a barcode reader and printer connection, which makes sharing the information easier. 
  • It is easy to maintain, thanks to its rugged, unbreakable sample bowl, as well as its history audit log, which keeps records of the calibration time and date.

Thanks to these many features and advantages, this unit enables users to experience reduced costs and improved efficiencies, which is the key to survival in today’s competitive food market.

Additional details

NDC Technologies is a leading manufacturer of process measurement and control instrumentation. Many of its quality products are available in Canada through Firing Industries, including its at-line and laboratory instrumentation, measurement and control systems, NIR instrumentation, online measurement gauges and more.

For additional information, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.


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