REDwire NCA can supply refrigeration dryers that handle high inlet temperatures

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Refrigeration dryers from NCA offer all-in-one capabilities.

It is essential to provide quality treatment for air in compressed air systems. One reason for this is that when compressed air is cooled, condensate will form that can cause serious damage to the compressed air network. Refrigeration dryers are used to avoid these problems. NCA can supply a range of refrigeration dryers, including models designed to handle high inlet temperatures.

ZDHHT Series dryers

The ZDHHT Series from Parker domnick hunter can accommodate inlet temperatures up to 93 degrees C (200 degrees F), with no need for separate aftercoolers, moisture separators or particulate filters. These dryers are well suited for placement after reciprocating air compressors in applications that require clean, dry air. They are ideal for use in smaller, critical applications, like body shops and paint booths, for example, or any application that involves high inlet air temperatures.

ZDHHT Series dryers feature an advanced five-in-one drying system that incorporates an aftercooler, 3.0 micron filter, condensate separator, precooler/reheater and evaporator. With all of these components built-in, the dryer offers an easy-to-install solution.

Energy savings

Because there is no need for additional piping and separate aftercoolers, ZDHHT dryers offer lower pressure drop, resulting in reduced running costs. In addition, these energy-efficient dryers use air-to-air heat exchangers that can reduce the size of refrigeration circuits by up to 60 per cent. These heat exchangers are used to raise the temperature of the outlet air, which prevents condensation from forming on downstream piping.

Another feature is the robust timed solenoid drain that improves reliability.

NCA offers a wide range of other refrigerated air dryers, including renowned brands such as Curtis, Quincy, Friulair and Nano Purification. For more information on the wide range of equipment available, visit the NCA website.


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