REDwire NCA offers compressors with Quincy Power$ync for variable capacity

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Power$ync technology offers several advantages over VSDs.

When purchasing an air compressor, one of the most important considerations is the required capacity. Choosing an appropriate compressor size will ensure there is enough capacity at the best price. NCA can help simplify the process by supplying compressors with the ideal capacity for every application, because they are outfitted with Quincy Power$ync technology.

This unique design allows the compressor to act as both a base load machine and a part-load machine. That's because the Power$ync can quickly decrease air flow output when the entire capacity of the compressor is not needed. To accomplish this, the compressor uses special lift valves with a Power$ync controller to vary the output. As a result, the valves will adjust automatically to suit the demand.

Advanced microprocessor

The brains of the Quincy Power$ync system is an advanced microprocessor called the Q-Control. It uses intuitive software and features networking capabilities for up to six air compressors. It is supplied with a colour display for online visualization using an Ethernet connection.

High-quality valves

The variable displacement lift valves in these compressors are built for rapid response and control, which ensures positive seals. The valves are also machined directly into the air-end housing to eliminate air leaks. Another feature is that the valves do not require extra power because they are actuated using internal air pressure. This design offers exceptional energy efficiency.

Power$ync advantages

Variable-speed drives (VSD) are typically optimized for compressor capacities less than 80 per cent. In contrast, Power$ync offers peak performance at higher loads. Another advantage Power$ync has over VSD machines is there is no need to remove drive-generated heat.

NCA can offer Quincy QSI compressors either with or without Power$ync control. In either configuration, these compressors offer high-efficiency, long life airends, triplex bearings, and direct-driven lubricant pumps. For more information, visit the NCA website.


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