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NCA specializes in providing energy-efficient compressed air systems.

NCA Ltd. (National Compressed Air) prides itself on saving customers money by making compressed air systems as efficient as possible. That’s why the company offers some of the latest energy saving equipment in the industry. NCA can also help determine the efficiency of a system and find ways that it can be improved with its air audit services.

Air audit process

The air audit services available include efficiency quotient (EQ) audits. The EQ audit process involves evaluating the overall efficiency of a compressed air system based on industry-approved best practices. The first step is a plant walkthrough to determine the system’s EQ rating. This walkthrough is free of charge. In addition to identifying the EQ rating, this initial analysis will provide an estimate of the current air system costs and the potential for cost reduction.

The next step in the process is an EQ analysis to quantify the opportunities for cost reductions. This involves a representative visiting the site and connecting an EQ analyzer to record compressor performance and power usage, as well as the air pressure levels in the system. Additional information is gathered from observation and plant personnel. Then the data is thoroughly analyzed.

Lastly, the report from the EQ analysis is evaluated, and NCA Ltd. provides an action plan for reducing operating costs. Some of the valuable information provided includes financial projections such as a payback calculation on the recommended action plan, system performance graphs and tables for both the existing system and the proposed one, and specific recommendations and cost estimates for achieving “best practice” levels.

More information

The company uses a patented air audit process developed by a leader in compressed air systems: Quincy Compressor. These air audits can provide savings of up to 50 per cent on energy costs, and up to 30 per cent on maintenance costs.

For more information, visit the company’s website.


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