REDwire N.R. Murphy provides rotary air locks and duct silencers

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N.R. Murphy offers a wide selection of quality accessories, including rotary air locks and duct silencers.

N.R. Murphy is known for offering a complete line of dust collectors, cyclones and fans. But the company can also provide a wide selection of quality accessories, including rotary air locks and duct silencers.

Rotary air locks

N.R. Murphy has designed a line of rotary air locks that offer quality craftsmanship and are designed for reliability and efficiency. The Murphy Rotary Air Lock provides an airtight seal for dust filters, cyclones, storage bins, enclosed mechanical conveyors and more. It can be used for all types of products, including metal, grains, wood, plastics and chemicals. In addition, the inlet is adaptable to suit any application. The Murphy Rotary Air Lock is available with special metals or seals for resistance to corrosiveness, high temperatures or product contamination. 

This product offers a number of best-in-class features, including its heavy gauge, all welded construction and removable side plate for easy seal replacement. Another feature is the air lock’s totally enclosed, fan cooled (T.E.F.C.) motor, which offers increased protection against dust and moisture. It is available in three standard sizes, with either single or double neoprene seals. The various models can offer capacities up to 193 cubic feet per minute, and can maintain a pressure or vacuum of up to 20 inches of water gauge.  

Duct silencers

Duct silencers of all sizes and configurations are also available from N.R Murphy. These devices can be used to decrease noise levels in any application, as they are designed to fit not only N.R. Murphy products, but all types of equipment. They feature a circular all-welded design constructed in heavy gauge steel. Duct silencers allow free airflow with minimal resistance, and pressure drop that is almost the same as an equivalent-sized duct. To minimize erosion of the silencing media, the device is protected by perforated metal. The standard sizes range from seven to 37 inches, in one-inch increments. 

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