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N.R. Murphy offers a variety of products to help meet its customers' air pollution control needs.

N.R. Murphy has earned a reputation as a leading provider of dust collectors. While the company is known for manufacturing the most complete line of dry dust collecting equipment available, it also offers a variety of other products to help meet its customers' air pollution control needs, from fans and filters to dump stations and a variety of accessories

Fans: N.R. Murphy carries a selection of exhaust fans capable of handling fine dust, as well as light to heavy material, in a range of sizes and capacities.

Filters and filter bags: When high efficiency filtration is required, N. R. Murphy offers H.E.P.A. filters that are more than 99.97 per cent efficient for microns as small as 0.3, and approaching 99.97 per cent for microns below 0.3. Available in various sizes, the filters can be used individually or in a group, depending on the required C.F.M. to be filtered. The company also offers a selection of filter bags in various styles. 

Dump station: Designed to provide maximum dust control for bag or drum dumping in any application, dump stations are completely self-contained units with no external ducting required. N.R. Murphy’s selection includes quality units made from heavy gauge galvanized all-welded steel, available in various sizes.

Accessories: A variety of accessories are also available. N.R. Murphy’s Rotary Air Locks are used to provide an airtight seal on cyclones, dust filters, storage bins, enclosed mechanical conveyors and more. The company also offers duct silencers in all sizes and configurations to decrease the noise level of any brand of dust collection equipment. Also available, abort dampers are typically installed in the cleaned air stream of a filtering system to expel air to the atmosphere when activated by a properly installed spark or fire detection system. The company’s lineup of accessories also includes stamped and rolled angle rings, blast gates, elbows, galvanized spiral ducts, handles, catches and keepers, flexible ducts, floor sweeps and more. 

N.R. Murphy is proud to design and manufacture the finest dust collecting equipment and supplies available. The company has an unwavering commitment to quality that has contributed to its continued success over the last 70-plus years. 

To learn more about its wide selection of products aimed at bringing clean air to its customers, contact N.R. Murphy.


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