REDwire Multi-trigger technology allows the application of two-component paints

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Exel's PPH 707 MT-2K is a two-component multi-trigger sprayer.

Exel North America offers a robotic sprayer for applying two-component paints with fast and efficient colour changes. The PPH 707 MT-2K is the multi-trigger, two-component model from Exel North America’s PPH 707 line of sprayers.

Sprayer features

This sprayer combines the features of the PPH 707 MT and the PPH 707 SB-2K. It uses multi-trigger technology, which means it incorporates a colour change block for one super high runner and five high runner colours. To handle two-component paints, the sprayer uses a static mixer that is located just before the bellcup injector. This design minimizes the volume of mixed paint to only two cubic centimetres, ensuring low material loss.

PPH Series

As part of the PPH 707 line, this sprayer is designed for safety, reliability and easy maintenance. To ensure safe operation, it meets ATEX zone 1 requirements, which means it is suitable for environments where explosive atmospheres are likely to occur occasionally. It also has a smart high voltage unit that prevents sparks, and a remote bell monitoring device that will ensure the bellcup is present and correctly positioned.

The sprayer offers reliability with durable construction, and the turbine is backed by a seven-year or 30,000-hour warranty. For simplified maintenance, it has fast access to components, and the design avoids getting mixed material in the robot’s arm or returning back in the circuit.

Innovative solutions

PPH 707 MT-2K sprayers are part of the Sames brand, which is known around the world for quality and performance in electrostatic spraying. Through the brands Kremlin Rexson and Sames, Exel North America manufactures a variety of innovative solutions for painting, powder coating and more.

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