REDwire Multi-trigger sprayer offers fast colour changes with less waste

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The PPH 707 MT has an integrated colour change block for fast changes with less waste.

A robotic sprayer with multi-trigger technology is available from Exel North America. Another innovative sprayer from the company’s PPH range, the PPH 707 MT can apply solvent-based paint with high-quality finishes and high-speed colour changes.


The multi-trigger technology means there is an integrated colour change block inside the body of the sprayer. It ensures minimum material loss during colour changes and has an easy rinsing process. It can use five high runners at five cubic centimetres, and one super high runner at one cubic centimetre. The time required for colour change is as low as five seconds.

Additional features

The PPH 707 MT has many of the same features as the PPH 707 SB. In fact, the PPH 707 SB can be easily upgraded to a PPH 707 MT, as the two sprayers have the same TCP and head.

Both sprayers offer versatility. For example, PPH 707 MT is compatible with any type of multi-axis robot. In addition, it can be used to provide a wide range of spray patterns. Like all Sames robotic sprayers, the PPH 707 MT is built to last. The bellcup is made from titanium, the valves have 2.5 million cycle life, and the turbine has a seven-year warranty. These sprayers use high velocity turbines (HVT) with frictionless, wear-free rotation.

For safety, the sprayer has a smart integrated high voltage unit. It can provide fast energy discharge to prevent any spark. In addition, the sprayer has a remote bell monitoring device, and meets requirements for ATEX zone 1.

More information

Exel North America is a leader in finishing and dispensing solutions. The company manufactures the renowned Kremlin Rexson and Sames brands of products. Some of the equipment available includes paint spray guns, atomizers, dispensing and mixing systems, robotic systems, pumps and more. Visit the company’s website for more information.



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