REDwire Multi-axis joystick controller can be configured to meet customer needs

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Penny+Giles JC6000 joystick controllers are available from Durham Instruments.

For demanding operator control applications that require strength, reliability and handle functionality, Durham Instruments has the solution. The leading industrial distributor offers the Penny+Giles JC6000 joystick controller, an innovative product designed for off-highway vehicles and other man-machine interfaces.

Key features

The joystick controller comes equipped with many best-in-class features that make it a top choice for demanding applications. 

  • Rugged design: The JC6000 is compact, rugged and features superior lever strength and proportional control. 
  • Customizable: The joystick is available with one- or two-axis configurations, and comes with a choice of Hall effect sensors or potentiometer tracks to provide the analogue signals proportional to lever movement. This allows users to configure the controller to provide a range of output signals, directional and center switching functions, lever forces and handle styles to meet their exact needs. The range of handles and grips available include push buttons, trigger grips, and proportional and switched rockers in a variety of different configurations. In addition, custom solutions are available. Penny+Giles has the capability to customize its designs to meet the specialized needs of its customers. 
  • Reliable: The JC6000’s lever mechanics are designed to provide smooth proportional control, while its Hall effect sensors offer contactless, long life operation for up to 15 million operations. 
  • Safe: The joystick controller with the Hall sensors option has dual outputs fitted as standard, allowing the signals to be monitored and compared for failure detection in safety critical applications. A key feature for vehicle system startup safety is the controller’s capability for additional independent switch functions to be specified for directional and center position indication. These switch functions are also available with the potentiometer tracks.

Additional details

These many features make the JC6000 rugged joystick controller an ideal solution for off-highway vehicles, including cranes, loaders, excavators, access platforms, tractors and harvesters. 

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Durham Instruments

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