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Walter Surface Technologies offers a line of industrial Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) solutions to meet its customers’ needs.

Walter Surface Technologies contributes to its customer’s success by helping them work better. The leader in surface treatment technologies offers a line of industrial Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) solutions to meet its customers’ needs, with a focus on performance, quality, safety and the bottom line — the four criteria every solution should satisfy. After all, a company can’t be successful if its equipment is out of service, unable to produce high-quality products.

1. Performance: Whether you need to clean or lubricate products, Walter is consistently setting the standards for high performance and high quality MRO applications. The company’s cleaning solutions are made to face the toughest greases, oils and grimes, and its lubricants are made to reduce tool wear and improve production rates. 

2. Quality: Walter’s goal is to provide its customers with only the best solutions for MRO applications. The company’s line of MRO cleaning and lubricating products has been developed and formulated to the most rigorous standards of quality. 

3. Safety: Safety is a critical aspect in the metal fabrication business, which is why Walter is dedicated to ensuring the safest, most efficient way to see its customers through to project completion. Walter’s research and development teams are consistently developing new and innovative MRO applications designed to clean, lubricate and protect metal surfaces. Its cleaning and degreasing solutions, for example, are free of chlorinated solvents and are residue-free, making them highly effective and environmentally friendly.

4. Savings: The cost of production is always a concern. By relying on Walter MRO products, customers can minimize production time, saving both time and labour cost. 

Decades of experience, a hands-on approach and close ties to the markets has allowed Walter to develop safe, efficient and innovative products — from cleaners and degreasers, to corrosion protection, cutting fluids and lubricants. To learn more about its line of MRO solutions, contact Walter Surface Technologies.


Walter Surface Technologies

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