REDwire Modular offices allow productivity, flexibility and safety

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With ModTech and its sound stopping technology, outside noises will no longer be an issue.

Productivity is often hindered by noise and distractions in the workplace. But Canadian Portable Structures (CPS) has the solution — its ModTech System. With ModTech and its sound stopping technology, outside noises will no longer be an issue. 

The laminated panel design creates a solid and sound-resistant barrier between you and the plant noise. The panels provide substantial sound reduction — up to 38 dbs. — allowing production and accounting to work side by side. 

The modular portable offices are available in two models. The standard system will fulfil most plant office requirements for industrial and commercial applications. But if the job calls for two storeys, ceiling heights over 10 feet, or roof storage, the company’s ModTech Heavy Duty System features extra thick sandwich panels and framing members that provide the load bearing capacity these applications require. The additional wall thickness also allows extra space for thicker noise levels inside the building. Accessories, including guard rails and wire mesh partitions, help to ensure a safe work environment.  

With the Wireway technology, electrical, phone lines and other communications can be put where required. And when needs change, as they invariably do, the office setup can change with them. Additions or deletions can be made to satisfy changing requirements. Systems are readily assembled, disassembled and relocated, increased or decreased in size as needs require.

Most standard ModTech orders can be delivered in five working days and can be erected by two people in about eight hours using simple hand tools. Dismantling for relocation is equally fast and easy. 

Installation can be completed by CPS factory installation crew or the customer’s own maintenance department personnel. Step-by-step instructions accompany every building, and complete support is available from CPS. 

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