REDwire Modular data acquisition system ideal for many test and measurement tasks

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HBM‘s QuantumX high-performance data acquisition system is available from Durham Instruments.

HBM‘s QuantumX high-performance data acquisition system, available in Canada from Durham Instruments, is the perfect tool for many test and measurement tasks — both mobile and stationary. Whether the application calls for measurement on a test specimen in the laboratory or in the field, QuantumX adapts to the user’s requirements.

Top features

QuantumX is a modular system that features universal inputs with maximum interference suppression for the acquisition of strain, force, displacement, acceleration, rotational speed, pressure, temperature, voltage and current. It includes optimally matched catman software, which enables users to “visualize, save and analyze” by offering synchronous signal acquisition of analog and digital inputs and bus signals, and connection to a PC or standalone data recorder. The software also enables online computation of signals, high-performance screen visualization and operation, as well as offline parameterization. High data throughput up to five million measured values per second is possible using the catman software.

Ideal applications

QuantumX is ideal for such mobile applications as road testing, including ride, handling, brake and acceptance tests. For stationary data acquisition applications, the unit is well-suited for the measurement and analysis of test specimens in the laboratory or test bench, including static and dynamic load and analysis, as well as the testing of components, assemblies, power train components or complete vehicles in the test bench.

Additional details

This small, rugged unit is freely scalable up to 10,000 channels, and offers high accuracy. It can operate in temperatures from -20 to 65 degrees C to acquire all common mechanical, electrical and thermal quantities. In addition, calibration data is saved to every measurement module.

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