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MOCAP's lineup includes round, flat and finger nub grips.

MOCAP manufactures a wide selection of grips to suit any application. Its portfolio includes round, flat and finger nub grips available in a variety of sizes, colours, textures and material hardness durometers.

Round vinyl grips

MOCAP’s RVG Series of round vinyl grips are designed to improve the comfort and appearance of items with handles, levers and grips. To ensure they fit the exact requirements of the application, the grips are available in a variety of flexible but durable materials, including a smooth and glossy vinyl plastic or a textured rubber. These materials allow the grips to stretch onto slightly larger dimensions for a snug fit without splitting, tearing or shredding. MOCAP round vinyl grips are also available in a range of colours, hardness durometers (soft, semi-rigid or hard), diameters from 3/16 inches to 4-¾ inches, and lengths up to 21 inches long.

Flat vinyl grips

MOCAP offers the FVG Series of flat vinyl plastic grips, which are dip moulded to offer just enough stretch to provide a secure fit on handles, tools, grips and the ends of other items that require protection or appearance finishing. Flat vinyl plastic grips can be produced in a variety of materials and sizes, including lengths from 1-½ inches up to eight inches. 

Finger nub vinyl grips

The MFG Series of finger nub vinyl plastic grips are designed to improve product appearance and provide a secure, comfortable grip on items with handles or levers. Like all of MOCAP’s grips, they are available in a variety materials, colours, hardness durometers and diameters. They are tough, weather resistant and attractive.

Double dip grips

If the application calls for a thicker wall or unique handle cover, MOCAP's round, flat and finger nub vinyl grips are also available with a dual-wall. To achieve this, the grip can be double-dipped in various materials, colours or hardness durometers, with no additional tooling charges. The double dip process allows colours, formulas and textures to be combined to make a unique grip that meets the customer’s exact application needs. In addition, many of MOCAP's vinyl plastic grips can be imprinted with a company name, logo or message to further customize the grip.

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