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The MiR100 is equipped with two laser scanners and a 3D camera to detect people and obstacles.

In today’s competitive industrial climate, companies must remain efficient and productive to be successful. One tool that can aid in this effort is a Mobile Industrial Robot (MiR) from Intercon Material Handling Inc. The MiR100 is a user-friendly and efficient mobile robot designed for the automation of internal transport and logistics solutions, as well as industrial and health-care material handling solutions.

Key features and advantages

There are many benefits to employing a mobile industrial robot. Some of the top advantages include:

  • Advanced technology: The robot features a built-in computer that continually identifies its driving area, and sensors that localize it within the facility’s surroundings, though users can also import drawings of the building layout. This allows the unit to operate completely autonomously. Facility structural changes are not required, as in-floor wiring or remote sensors are used to guide its path, just like an AGV.
  • Safe to use: The MiR100 drives independently in environments with people and obstacles. It is equipped with two laser scanners and a 3D camera, allowing its on-board navigation system to detect people and obstacles. The MiR100 slows down, navigates around personnel and obstacles, and even stops if required. This capability ensures a collaborative existence with humans and a dynamic environment, conforming to Category 4 Level E safety regulation EN1525.
  • Simple to operate: The unit can be programmed through a smartphone, tablet or PC, enabling simple operation. Optional driving modes include three patterns that cover most in-house automation transportation tasks within industrial applications, logistics and health care. These driving modes are called Taxi (point to point), Route (i.e: bus route) and Mission (programmed tasks).
  • Increased productivity: The MiR100 optimizes workflows, which frees up staff resources, allowing users to increase productivity while reducing costs.
  • Easy to maintain: The MiR100 incorporates readily available components from leading manufacturers SICK, Phoenix Contact and Schneider Electric. The result is reduced downtime.
  • Rapid ROI: The MiR100 offers users a quick return on investment, often paying for itself in less than a year.

Additional details

The MiR100 has a loading area of 600 by 800 millimetres. Its payload is up to 100 kilograms, though it can tow up to 300 kilograms with its optional hook attachment.

To learn more about how the MiR100 can help make your operation more competitive, contact Intercon Material Handling.


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