REDwire Mobile fume extraction system helps keep small shops safe and clean

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The Mobiflex 200-M welding fume extraction and filtration system is compact, portable and rich with features.

The Mobiflex 200-M is a low vacuum welding fume extraction and filtration system from Lincoln Electric. Thanks to its compact size, portability and many best-in-class features, this unit is ideal for use in smaller manufacturing facilities that require light- to medium-duty welding fume extraction in various locations.

Key features and advantages

The Mobiflex 200-M is known for its generous airflow, which can reach up to 735 cubic feet per minute depending on the length of the unit’s extraction arm, fan type and how often the system is maintained. It also includes a washable aluminum internal spark arrestor that prevents sparks from reaching the filter, and also functions as a pre-filter for larger particles.

The unit’s filter system is another major feature. The Mobiflex 200-M incorporates the LongLife filter, one of the largest disposable filter cartridges in its class with a surface area of 538 square feet (50 square metres). This combination of filter size and unique 3D-filter pleat structure results in higher filter efficiency, longer filter life and lower operational costs. In addition, the unit features a filter status indicator, which acts as a colour-coded visual guide to show remaining filter life. Located on the front of the Mobiflex 200-M, the indicator gradually moves from white to red as the filter becomes saturated with particulate, providing visual indication of when system maintenance and filter replacement are necessary.

The Mobiflex’s front casters and rear wheels enable ideal mobility and positioning. In addition, users can choose from a variety of extraction arm models to achieve optimal motion and reach for their particular application.

Using this system helps to reduce dust and dirt in operator and surrounding work areas, resulting in a cleaner, safer work environment.

Additional details

The Mobiflex 200-M comes complete with a LongLife filter, plastic housing, and two feet (0.6 metres) of flexible hose. Various accessories are also available.

To learn more, contact Lincoln Electric.


Lincoln Electric (Canada)

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