REDwire Mobile electrification systems: what the world would be like without them

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Ever wonder what it would be like if we were left on our own devices to move ourselves from point A to point B?

Mobile electrification systems are what get people and objects moving.

These powerful electrical mechanisms enable equipment and machinery to lift, dig, sort, elevate, transport, ship and drive people, places and things all day, every day in any situation imaginable.

Life brings simple pleasures, but the reality is that mobile electrification systems power those pleasures to move simply.

Here are three everyday pleasures in life we would go without if it wasn’t for mobile electrification systems.

There would be no Sunday Funday at amusement parks

Next time you ascend toward the peak of a jaw-dropping roller coaster, pry your eyes open long enough to peek at the surrounding mechanisms that propelled you to be in the company of birds and other creatures of the sky. Rides without mobile electrification systems would take the amusement out of amusement rides.

Carousels, free-fall towers and Ferris wheels could not function without a powerful, dependable electrification system to frequently carry and operate the weight of passengers and the ride itself.

Expert electrification manufacturers take into consideration both the sleek packaging and sound security of thrill rides, which are tailored by design ensuring both safety and style codes are up to speed.

Factories couldn’t ship your online purchases from the warehouse to your house

Intralogistics systems are at the crux of lifting, moving and shipping everyday domestic and commercial merchandise. When you buy a product from one part of the world to another, it moves through a supply chain that involves multiple and complex automated processes prior to reaching its destination.

Material handling equipment such as hoists, swiveling beams and overhead cranes require specialized power and data transmission systems to consistently assemble and transport consumer goods safely and efficiently.

Boy bands couldn’t perform on cool rotating stages

Don’t be fooled by all those special effects of lights, smoke and mirrors to defy the senses when swooning to your favourite band on stage.

While you may be moved by the singers’ catchy tunes, performers are getting moved by shifting stage components that rotates, raises or lowers them using data transmission technology.

Together with acoustic panels, cables, control and data bus signals, curved conductor rail systems transmit and transfer power enabling stages to rotate, which helps make performances rock.

Shocked by how much mobile electrification systems bring life’s simple pleasures to…well, life? 

Feel the energy of Conductix-Wampfler who can to take you and your business on the ride of its life.

We offer advanced-cutting technology in conductive and inductive energy, as well as data transmission solutions. We get clients on the move in the amusement, machine handling and mass transit sectors, to name only a few.

With more than a century of expertise and 50 international offices, our certified consultants, engineers and sales partners set themselves apart from the mobile electrification equipment competition -- using customized and sound technologies to keep your business moving 24 hours a day, all 365 days of the year.

Ready to take the plunge? Investing in mobile electrification systems is easy when you can contact a trusted manufacturer like Conductix-Wampfler



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