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Rosta elements provide high performance for mobile crushers.

Rosta oscillating elements have proven to be an ideal solution for many manufacturers. For Agriworld S.r.l., a manufacturer of agricultural machines, they were a perfect match when the company started producing a piece of equipment for the treatment and recycling of construction waste.

Rosta element advantages

Rosta’s low-cost oscillating elements are used to provide vibration-free suspension of oscillating machines and screens for a variety of applications. They feature a compact design with a high loading capacity. In addition, all Rosta screening machine mountings assist the linear oscillation of the screen. There is no need for lateral guides as the mounting is laterally stable. Rosta elements are also maintenance-free.

Due to the many advantages offered by these mountings, it’s no surprise that Agriworld’s sorting units used circular motion screens mounted on Rosta Type AB-D 45 oscillating mountings, and that the company decided to replace the coil springs on all of its screen suspensions with Rosta oscillating mountings.

Mobile crusher design

The company then developed a mobile crushing plant, the Agriworld FM 9000.20. This crusher is driven by a 530-horsepower diesel engine and can process 200 tons of assorted construction waste per hour.

It uses a heavy coarse sieve as the feed trough for the centrifugal crusher. This sieve is driven by two six-pole unbalanced motors. Rosta oscillating mountings are used for the trough suspension, where they provide guidance for the loading unit and high isolation efficiency to the sub-frame.

The co-operation between Rosta and this equipment manufacturer has intensified as the Rosta elements have provided exceptional performance, and many units have already been delivered to Agriworld's satisfied customers.

To learn more about the benefits of Rosta technology, visit the company’s website.


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