REDwire Mixers from York Fluid Controls address unique tote mixing needs

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York Fluid Controls offers mixers designed specifically for tote tanks.

York Fluid Controls can supply a variety of tote tank mixers and agitators. The company provides mixers that were designed specifically for totes, as opposed to competitors that simply adapt portable mixers for use on tote tanks. This means York Fluid Controls' products are tailored to address the unique requirements of tote mixing. 

Mixer features

The ITM Integrated Tote Mixer line was developed in response to a need that is present in many industries. These mixers feature portability and easy assembly, and can simply be installed by one person. These features make it convenient to address uniformity issues on site.

Another advantage of these mixers is their four-bladed, collapsible impellers. This design overcomes the challenge faced by conventional mixers where the diameter of the impeller is limited by the small tote opening. To protect product from cross contamination, these mixers also have a dynamic coupling that allows the drive to be detached and coupled with other mixer shafts.

Mixers are available from York Fluid Controls for both stainless steel and plastic tote tanks. The company offers a tote mixer for each type of container and configuration.  

Manufacturing process

These mixers are manufactured by Dynamix Agitators. The manufacturer has a deep understanding of tank mixing equipment. Its product selection includes everything from smaller mixer types for IBC containers to large, heavy-duty tank mixers. They are available in a range of configurations and are used for many applications, including paint mixing, chemical mixing and air. The company builds tote mixers and agitators to the highest standards, as this equipment can play a key role in the quality of the customer’s product.  

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