REDwire Mister Safety Shoes carries selection of anti-fatigue insoles

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Mister Safety Shoes carries a selection of anti-fatigue insoles.

More and more employers are turning to anti-fatigue (AF) insoles as an effective replacement for AF matting. The insoles, like the matting, provide comfort and help to reduce fatigue; however, they also improve stability, are far less expensive than AF matting, and do not cause trip and fall hazards. Plus, those wearing the insoles realize these benefits everywhere they go — not just when they’re standing in front of their workstations. 

As a leading provider of safety footwear, Mister Safety Shoes carries a selection of anti-fatigue insoles. Its lineup includes Ergobuddy anti-fatigue insoles from Johnson Technologies, and Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat (PAM) insoles from MegaComfort.


Ergobuddy anti-fatigue insoles are engineered using the same ergonomic features used in premium AF matting. They feature ergonomically tuned cushioning, which provides customized shock absorption. The insoles have a closed-cell design that will not harden like PVC, won’t breakdown like latex foam, and won’t take a compression set like EVA foam.

PAM insoles

Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat (PAM) insoles are constructed of ultra high-density memory foam for maximum shock absorption and motion control. They feature a soft memory foam middle layer for maximum comfort, a heavy-duty top cloth with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-perspiration properties, and a cushion at the heel to eliminate shock impact. The result is an insole with effective shock absorption and improved comfort, decreased risk of foot, knee and back pain, and reduced muscle fatigue. 

PAM insoles are also available in an ESD (electrostatic discharge) version for maximum shock absorption and anti-static control. 

An industry leader

Mister Safety Shoes is a leading provider of safety footwear, with a large fleet of mobile stores, a 24-hour online store, and a network of retail stores. In addition to its selection of insoles, the company offers a large lineup of safety footwear and accessories, clothing, hard hats and safety glasses.

To learn more about its offerings, contact Mister Safety Shoes


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