REDwire Mist eliminator features high performance, low maintenance

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The ROX-2000 mist eliminator is ideal for large machine tools and central systems.

The ROX-2000 mist eliminator from Aeroex offers an ideal solution for large machine tools and central systems. Like all of the company’s mist eliminators, this model features high efficiency and low maintenance. 

What sets the ROX-2000 apart is its capability to handle large volumes of mist. It is well suited for machine tools that use coolant under high pressure and have enclosures ranging up to 600 ft³. To suit the application, the unit can be mounted on the wall, a post or directly on top of machines. 

Aeroex technology

This mist eliminator uses Aeroex’s innovative three-stage system that begins with mechanical elements that separate up to 95 per cent of the mist. The second stage consists of a droplet agglomerator that utilizes oil attracting fibres. The third stage captures smoke, bacteria and sub-micron mist using a HEPA filter with heavy-duty media. The HEPA filter is capable of removing 95 per cent of mist at 0.3 microns.

Low maintenance

Aeroex mist eliminators are known for their long service life with very little required maintenance. For example, the second stage media only requires cleaning every two to three years for most applications, and lasts 10 to 15 years before requiring replacement. The service manual recommends inspecting the unit after the first three months, six months and one year of operation. If these inspections reveal no fouling, the unit can be run indefinitely without maintenance.

Technical specifications

  • This mist eliminator uses a three-HP motor that reaches 3,450 rpm.
  • Air flow rates range from 1,700 to 2,300 cfm.  
  • The inlet connection size is 10 inches. 
  • Weight is 450 lbs.
  • Sound level is 79 dB(A).

Reliable performance

Aeroex mist eliminators are backed by a five-year warranty. They feature durable mild steel housings with a powder coat finish. 

For more information on the ROX-2000 and the company’s complete range of products, contact Aeroex.


Aeroex Technologies Inc.

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