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Rapid Gear specializes in the rebuilding, maintenance and replacement of gearboxes for the mining industry.

Rapid Gear’s gearboxes, gears and special purpose machinery are built to perform in demanding environments. The mining industry is one of the many sectors this leading manufacturer serves with confidence.

Overcoming industry challenges

Gears and gearboxes used in the mining industry are exposed to very challenging environments. For example, the powder and dust common in mining applications can clog and grind away at seals and bearings. In addition, high temperatures can break down lubricants and seals, reducing bearing life. An added challenge: constant speed changes in such applications can create uneven wear and additional stresses on gearboxes.

Use of high-quality gears and gearboxes, and regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance, are critical in the demanding mining sector. Rapid Gear excels in these areas, and has expertise when it comes to meeting these demands.

Mining expertise

Rapid Gear specializes in the rebuilding, maintenance and replacement of gearboxes for the aggregate industries. It has the capability to replace leaking seals, repair or replace gearboxes, and replace input cartridge bearings and seals. The company also offers onsite inspection of customer gears for added convenience.

Other industry expertise

The mining industry isn’t the only sector that Rapid Gear serves with ease. The company also has experience working with the military and pulp and paper industries, as well as the cranes and lifting equipment sectors. The company is also known for its ski lift repair capabilities.

To learn more about its expertise in demanding sectors, contact Rapid Gear.


Rapid Gear

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