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Bergen Cable Technology has extensive experience making cable assemblies to military specifications.

Bergen Cable Technology can supply a range of cable assemblies that are manufactured to military specifications. For instance, the company is an approved manufacturer of Lockclad cable assemblies, which are used in safety critical applications such as aircraft flight control systems.

Cable specifications

The military specification MIL-DTL-83420 covers requirements for aircraft control cable. The specification ensures the cables are capable of handling the challenges involved with aircraft control applications, such as wind, fuel, dust, oil spills, wash downs, temperature extremes and other environmental stresses.

Lockclad cable is made from aircraft cable that conforms to MIL-DTL-83420, which then has an aluminum tube swaged over it. This design provides a range of benefits, including lower creep stretch, vibration dampening, high thermal expansion coefficient, and a smooth surface for better seals where the cable passes through pressure walls. The higher coefficient of expansion results in this cable synchronizing more closely with the expansion and contraction of a plane’s airframe. This provides a noticeable improvement in control sensitivity.

Terminal specifications

Bergen Cable also provides a wide range of military specification terminals that meet MIL-DTL-781. This specification covers the design and manufacture of terminals that are to be swaged to wire rope. It includes requirements such as uniform quality that is free from burrs, cracks, rust, pits, voids, laps, seams, sharp edges and other detrimental defects. It also specifies the maximum surface roughness, and minimum breaking strength.

Benefits of military-grade cable

Due to the stringent and well-defined requirements for producing aircraft cable, it has been adopted by many industrial and commercial users for non-aircraft applications. This cable is well-suited to any application that demands reliability. For more information, contact Bergen Cable Technology.


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