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Bergen Cable supplies a variety of terminals that meet military standards.

Military specifications are the gold standard when it comes to aircraft control cables. The specifications for production and testing are well-defined, which ensures that the cables offer exceptional resistance to fatigue. The stringent standards make sense, considering that a failure in the control cables of an aircraft would be a critical problem.
Because of the reliability of military specification cables, they are used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications, including non-aircraft uses. To meet this demand, Bergen Cable Technology can supply control cables built to military specification MIL-DTL-83420 (formerly MIL-W-83420).

Mil-Spec terminals and cables

In addition to these cables, the company supplies terminals built to military specifications. These terminals are designed specifically to achieve full breaking strength when affixed to cable according to MIL-T-6117. The various types available and the applicable military standards include: ball and double shank, MS20663; ball and single shank, MS20664; fork end, MS20667; eye end, MS20668; stud, MS21259; locking stud, MS21260; and strap eye/fork, NAS1435E/NAS1435K. In addition, all of these terminals meet MIL-DTL-781.

Bergen also offers lockclad, a very specialized type of aircraft control cable that incorporates swaged aluminum tubing that lowers creep stretch, dampens vibrations, improves the thermal expansion coefficient, and provides a smooth outer surface for better sealing.

Mil-Spec versus aircraft grade 

Often, commercial control cables are referred to as “aircraft grade”; however, that does not mean they meet the stringent requirements of the military. Bergen Cable Technology can supply these commercial cables as a more cost-effective option for applications that do not require the high fatigue resistance offered by military specification cable. 

Leading manufacturer

Bergen Cable Technology has been in operation since 1941. From the beginning, the company has been dedicated to manufacturing wire rope and cable products of the highest quality. For more information, contact Bergen Cable Technology.


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