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York Fluid Controls Ltd

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POMF (Polymicro Microfibre) Filter Bags are available in many sizes, materials and finishes.

York Fluid Controls has specialized in unique fluid handling products for more than 55 years. The company designs and manufactures filtration solutions to meet the most demanding requirements in all types of industries.

POMF (Polymicro Microfibre) Filter Bags are among the company’s offerings. Designed to provide outstanding performance on contaminant applications where minimal particle travel is important, these filter bags offer many advantages to the user. 

Benefits and features

The filter bags are available in many sizes, materials and finishes, providing users with a wide selection to meet their exact needs. In addition, they feature an efficient design — three layers to help retain particles and prevent fibre migration. The first layer is a pre-filtering layer designed to remove coarse debris. Next is the primary layer, which is composed of micro pores for efficient particle retention. Finally, there’s the outer cover, designed to prevent fibre migration. And because it’s constructed with microfibre, it offers product cleanliness, higher throughput and longer service life. In addition, the dimensionally stable material provides more consistent performance, and the hydrophobic surfaces absorb oil from air, gas and aqueous streams.

POMF Filter Bags also feature 80 per cent or more void volume, which means longer service life, higher contaminant loading and reduced waste loads. But the unit can also compact when holding small volumes to reduce disposal cost.

In addition, the POMF Series High Performance Liquid Filter Bag is more than 90 per cent efficient at its suggested application rating. It can absorb unwanted trace oils that frequently occur in processed fluids. 

The filter bag complies with the FDA regulations governing food and beverage contact.

More information

To learn more about POMF Filter Bags or any of the other liquid filtration systems, products and pressure vessels available from York Fluid Controls, visit the company’s website


York Fluid Controls Ltd

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