REDwire Meter testing made easy with innovative meter test jacks

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E-Z Test meter test jacks from Megger offer safety and simplicity.

Megger has made meter testing easier — and safer — with its E-Z Test 99800 Series of meter test jacks. Designed to test socket-type watthour meters, the 99800 Series offers a simplified connection system and dead-front construction to enable safe, convenient and efficient field testing. 

A user-friendly tester

The benefits of using 99800 Series test jacks begin with the easy setup. As soon as the test jack is inserted into the meter socket, service to the customer is restored and will not be disturbed during the testing. Connecting the test leads is simple, because each test jack includes all of the appropriate jumpers and plugs. The dead-front construction of these test jacks provides an exceptional level of safety, because it means until the tester chooses, no accessible part of the test is live.

To connect the meter blades to the test jack, lever-actuate cams are used to ensure a firm connection. In addition, these test jacks incorporate a husky bypass bus, so they can handle customer loads. That includes extended range meter installations using the new, self-contained, 320-ampere meters.

Special features

These test jacks provide the durability to stand up to demanding daily field use. That’s because they are moulded from a strong polycarbonate that is glass impregnated. 

Four different types of test jacks are available. They can be used with virtually any socket-type meter. For instance, one model is designed for testing 13-terminal, transformer-rated meters. This test jack has KYZ termination, enabling the simultaneous testing of devices such as totalizers, printout demand meters and magnetic tape recorders, without the need to remove it from the meter.

More information

Megger has been providing electric test equipment and measuring instruments for more than 100 years. The company's offering includes more than 1,000 specific products in 30 different product groups. 

To learn more about the E-Z Test 99800 Series meter test jacks, visit the company website.


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