REDwire Five metal stamping qualities your industrial application should have

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Household goods such as garment hangers, door hooks and drawer handles are just some examples of the common, everyday products created by the metal stamping process.

Products such as garment hangers, door hooks and drawer handles are just some examples of the common, everyday products designed and engineered by stamping manufacturers for a wide assortment of industries.

Don’t get your wires crossed on wire and metal stamping fundamentals. Make sure your application gets the stamp of approval by ensuring these five qualities are met or exceeded each and every time.

Consistency: uniformity of metal stamping applications is critical for a high quality finished outcome. From initial concept to final product, typically, engineers offer prototype design services, whether on paper on in CAD form, to make certain that minimal time is used in delivering a maximum effect of the project specifications that is dependable in its performance.

Diversity: trust a metal stamping expert who can manufacture not only metal stamping applications for sectors ranging from automotive, electronics, food handling and telecommunications, but who also provides professional services, such as R&D, custom design, engineering and in-house material consultation.

Innovation: while it has been an overused buzzword among industries competing for business, the fact still remains true that 'innovation' makes your product stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Working with state-of-the-art equipment, including in-die tapping, using progressive dies, coupled with years of expertise in the metal stamping industry, is necessary for results that stay ahead of the curve.

Quality metals: professional metal stamping facilities use low carbon, high strength and high carbon steel, as well as aluminum, copper and stainless steel metals in all applications to ensure long-lasting durability and performance over time.

Volume: pick a metal stamping supplier that uses equipment that handles the brute force necessary for industry grade results. Capacity of up to 100 tons is the ideal standard for metal stamping application excellence.

Arc-Fil Products Ltd. fabricates wire form and metal stamping products in their metalworking facility in St-Laurent, Quebec for North American and overseas industrial markets.


Arc-Fil Products Ltd

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