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Matritech offers expert stamping and pressing services.

Matritech prides itself on being a one-stop shop for metal parts manufacturing. The Drummondville, Que.-based company combines several manufacturing processes under the same roof, enabling it to essentially operate as the metal fabrication division of its customers’ companies. Among its capabilities, Matritech offers expert stamping and pressing services.

Equipment and expertise

Matritech’s facility features a range of mechanical presses with capacities up to 500 tons and a variety of table dimensions. This machinery, and the expertise of the operators, enables the company to perform two types of stamping procedures, both of which can be done from blank parts or with metal coils to ensure high-volume production. The first type is a transformation procedure that forms flat metal with the help of dies, while the second type is a manufacturing technique in which the company forms an object that cannot be unbent from a thin piece of sheet metal.

The Matritech advantage

There are several benefits to working with Matritech. Because its machines have large capacities and tables, the company can easily transition to high-volume production runs. And, for projects that require the use of the company’s multiple services — like cutting, bending and high-volume stamping, for example — transitioning between the two is easy because the records of the parts and quality criteria have already been coded. This helps to lower costs by reducing labour time.

Additional offerings

In addition to stamping and pressing, Matritech offers cutting, welding, machining, bending, assembling and tool making services, as well as painting, plating and passivation. This one-stop shop offering results in lower costs, simplified manufacturing and improved product quality.

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