REDwire Metal detectable seals protect against product contamination

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Daemar's metal detectable sanitary gaskets and o-rings can save time and money.

Daemar can provide x-ray and metal detectable seals that are ideal for ensuring product safety and integrity in sanitary applications. These seals provide confidence to manufacturers in the food, dairy and beverage industries because they help avoid the many problems associated with product contamination.

The problem

Excessive wear and tear of component and filler parts is a common and costly problem in food and beverage applications. For example, a piece of rubber can break off of a worn gasket and cause undetectable product contamination. To find fragmented rubber parts requires expensive equipment, manual observation and extensive maintenance. If the lost rubber piece cannot be located, a product recall may be required.

The solution

The metal detectable solutions available from Daemar are made with metal impregnated compounds to enable any displaced rubber material to be located with an in-line metal detector. When displaced material is detected, it can trigger the system to instantly reject contaminated product. This minimizes product loss and avoids distribution of contaminated product.

Daemar’s seals are widely used in food, dairy, beverage, biotech and pharmaceutical applications. They are made for use in standard OEM equipment, and are designed to handle microbial, mechanical and high-temperature applications. They are available in a range of materials such as Buna, EPDM, FKM, silicone and Tuf-Steel.

The selection

The seals available include sanitary gaskets, o-rings, screens, sheets, extrusions, valve stems and filler boots. The types of gaskets available include:

  • Perforated plates for filtering large particles;
  • Orifice plate gaskets that can adjust flow rate, balance back flow and equalize back pressure;
  • Specialty gaskets used in a broad range of applications and available in nitrile and fluoroelastomer;
  • Standard gaskets used to seal clamp connections in sanitary pipelines; and 
  • Screen gaskets that are available with the most comprehensive range of stainless steel mesh and filter cloth.

To learn more about the benefits of x-ray and metal detectable seals, visit the Daemar website.


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